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31 August 2016

VW lags as rivals' Europe sales accelerate

This article indicates the impact of the Volkswagen emissions scandal in the sales of the manufacturer. Comparing December 2014 and 2015 it is obvious that their competitors increased their sales with impressive numbers, whereas Volkswagen almost froze their sales for this certain period.
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Making cities smarter

The main topic of this article is how the transportation of the future cities should be organized in order to improve the quality of urban life. Autonomous vehicle technology and a mathematical model which promises to remove the traffic lights is described in order to be achieve a pleasant and low-impact transportation. These cars are as convenient as privately owned car and as sustainable as public transportation.
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GYM will be presented in EMISIA's booth in Lyon

Emisia will participate in the 21st International Transport and Air Pollution Conference (TAP 2016), which will be held in Lyon, France. The aim of TAP 2016 is "Towards energy transition and cleaner transport".
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Calculate and compensate for your CO2 footprint

The Swiss Non-Profit Organization, myclimate provides an on line tool where anyone can calculate his/her own CO2 footprint from a large variety of activities like a flight or a car trip etc. The amounts of the compensation will be used in climate protection projects or in the promotion of energy-efficient technologies.
Furthermore, there are educational programs that aim at delivering knowledge relating to climate protection.

Elon Musk Talks About Bringing Autonomous Transport to Cities

Elon Musk shows his concern for the greenhouse gas emissions and proposes solutions for reducing them. He has not yet provided details about his new project but he is thinking about creating autonomous vehicles which would solve the traffic problem for inner city situations.
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Open platforms for transport saves millions for bus companies

Transport companies and public transport authorities are using more and more ICT platforms. It has been calculated that these organizations can benefit from the use of innovative ICT platforms.
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